The Importance of Reliable Telecommunications Infrastructure in Modern Business:


Introduction: The Backbone of Today’s Business World

In an era where digital connectivity is not just a convenience but a necessity, the role of telecommunications infrastructure electrician in shaping the modern business landscape cannot be overstated. From small startups to multinational corporations, the reliance on robust and efficient telecommunications systems is universal, underscoring its role as a critical asset in the business world. This infrastructure is the invisible force that keeps businesses connected, driving everything from basic communication to complex, data-driven operations.

The evolution of telecommunications has mirrored the evolution of business itself. As companies have grown more global and markets more interconnected, the demand for faster, more reliable communication has skyrocketed. This need has propelled advancements in telecommunications technology, leading to a world where instant communication across continents is not just possible, but expected. In this context, reliable telecommunications infrastructure is not just a tool for business; it’s a fundamental pillar that supports the entire edifice of modern commerce.

Enhancing Connectivity and Collaboration

The advent of globalized business has made connectivity and collaboration more crucial than ever. Reliable telecommunications infrastructure enables businesses to maintain seamless communication channels, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Tools like video conferencing, VoIP calls, and collaborative online platforms rely on a strong telecommunications backbone, facilitating real-time collaboration and decision-making processes that are vital in today’s fast-paced business environment. This connectivity is not just about staying in touch; it’s about fostering a collaborative culture that can thrive in a digital workspace.

Moreover, in the era of remote work and distributed teams, telecommunications infrastructure becomes the lifeline that binds employees together. It allows for a flexible work environment, where team members can contribute from anywhere in the world. This flexibility not only enhances work-life balance but also opens up a global talent pool for businesses. Companies that invest in reliable telecommunications infrastructure are investing in a more dynamic, diverse, and resilient workforce.

Driving Business Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are the lifelines of any successful business, and telecommunications infrastructure plays a pivotal role in both. High-speed internet and advanced communication tools enable quick data transfer, cloud computing, and access to remote servers, streamlining business operations. This infrastructure supports everything from everyday email communications to complex data analytics, ensuring that businesses can operate at their peak efficiency. In a world where time is money, the speed and reliability of these systems can make or break a business’s bottom line.

Beyond speed, telecommunications infrastructure also offers businesses the ability to scale and adapt with agility. As businesses grow, their communication needs become more complex, requiring more sophisticated and robust solutions. A scalable telecommunications infrastructure allows businesses to expand their operations seamlessly, without being hampered by technological limitations. This scalability is not just about growing bigger; it’s about growing smarter, with the right tools to support that growth.

Supporting E-Commerce and Digital Transactions

In the digital age, e-commerce has become a significant part of the global economy. Reliable telecommunications infrastructure is critical for the smooth operation of e-commerce platforms, from hosting websites to handling online transactions securely. It ensures that businesses can provide uninterrupted service to customers, manage inventory in real-time, and process transactions swiftly, which is essential for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. In this context, telecommunications infrastructure is not just a support system; it’s the very platform on which e-commerce businesses are built.

The importance of this infrastructure extends to the security and integrity of online transactions. As e-commerce grows, so does the threat of cyber attacks and data breaches. A robust telecommunications infrastructure must include strong cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive customer data and financial transactions. This level of security is crucial not only for safeguarding against external threats but also for building and maintaining the trust of customers who are increasingly concerned about their online privacy and security.

Overcoming Challenges: Ensuring Reliability and Security

Despite its importance, maintaining reliable and secure telecommunications infrastructure comes with its set of challenges. Cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and system downtimes are real concerns that businesses must address. Investing in advanced security protocols, regular system updates, and backup solutions are crucial steps in ensuring that the telecommunications infrastructure is not only reliable but also secure against potential threats. This investment is not just a matter of protecting assets; it’s about safeguarding the business’s reputation and its customers’ trust.

Furthermore, the challenge of keeping up with rapidly evolving technology cannot be understated. The telecommunications landscape is constantly changing, with new technologies and standards emerging regularly. Businesses must stay abreast of these changes and be willing to invest in upgrades and innovations. This continuous adaptation is essential not just for maintaining current operations but also for seizing new opportunities that come with technological advancements. Staying ahead in the telecommunications game is a key factor in staying ahead in business.

Conclusion: Investing in Future-Ready Telecommunications Infrastructure

As we move further into the digital era, the importance of investing in robust and future-ready telecommunications infrastructure cannot be overstated. Businesses must stay ahead of technological advancements to remain competitive and adaptable. By prioritizing the development and maintenance of their telecommunications infrastructure, businesses can ensure they are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the modern digital economy and capitalize on its opportunities. This investment is not just about keeping pace with today’s demands; it’s about setting the stage for tomorrow’s successes.

Why Are Minecraft Servers Such An Important Part Of The Game?

Nowadays, with the progressing technology, there are new forms of entertainment arising. This also includes video games. Video games are highly popular with them showing a high and linear progressive and popularity rate. However, human beings are very feeble when it comes to keeping themselves dedicated to a particular task. This causes them to easily become bored with the ‘have had enough of it’ effect always clearly visible. This is also why video games have a ‘trend’ where many games just come and go with the audience (here, gamers) having played it to a point where there is no continuous progress ― seemingly a dead end. 

Consequently, the monotonous games, which have a slow progress rate, eye catching, and keep the paces equally distributed, are proven to have a longer chance of surviving the trend. If not that, there are many times that even if the audience hit a burnout point, they are likely to return after a break period. Another beneficial factor that goes unnoticed is the fact that people also need interaction via games. This means that if the game has a feature where it allows a group to play together, it becomes highly loved and famous. With all these factors included there are a few games that have untied the human population in an unknowing yet vigorous way. One of these games includes Minecraft. 

Insight On Minecraft:

Minecraft is noted for its themes, features, and levels of difficulty. It provides something for everyone and is appropriate for all ages. A big number of players are drawn to the game because of the player adaptability. For many, it has become one of their favourite pastime destinations. It also aids relaxation while avoiding the monotony of a rinse and repeat routine. The video game’s inherent nature, continuous feature updates, and large player base all contribute to its rising appeal. Minecraft is quite well for the almost limitless possibilities, which embraces diversity while also supporting the different forms of creativity. In Minecraft, each game mode offers its unique set of creative potential. It can be enjoyed individually, with a companion, or with a huge group of players, which is where Minecraft servers become important.

More About Minecraft Servers:

Minecraft servers are a social gaming platform that gives people a chance to enjoy the video game Minecraft together. A single individual, a squad, as well as an entire company, can accede to it. Minecraft servers are willing to accommodate gamers to perform with others online or over a general network of areas. Server administrators are in charge of Minecraft community servers because they have the authority to serve protocols like changing the time of gameplay, cloaking players, and changing the world origin. It further brings a small community up close and together, while binding them through a virtual platform. 

Today, there are many Minecraft servers available in the game and you can join any of them if you are willing to comply with the set of rules provided by them!

Advantages of Creation of Bangladesh to Pakistan.

Advantages of Creation of Bangladesh to Pakistan.

M.Akram Khan Niazi, Pakistan

Usually smaller Parts of a country having extraordinary resources tries to break away from the mainland to take the maximum advantage of their resources for their advantage, and to protect themselves from the drain of their resources to majority or dominant section of the country, but in case of Pakistan Majority Part on the basis of population, which was also having scare resources, separated from the other part, Generally, it is regarded as an unfortunate event for Pakistan by people of Pakistan, and no Pakistani tries to see other side of the coin of that event for analysis of the benefits achieved to them by this event. The reason of this is that all literature about that event has been written by those who were living in East Pakistan and they suffered personally by this event, due to which they always indicate their miseries and losses and forget to explain the advantages of that event to whole Pakistani Nation. Therefore, it is necessary to see the real results of this event. With the separation of East Pakistan, following advantages were achieved to Pakistan. 1. Economical * Separation of Bangladesh was as much beneficial for Pakistan as separation of Pakistan from India. * As the part of world in which East Pakistan was situated, was having limited resources, and many poor areas of subcontinent are situated in that part, such as Bihar , Assam ,West Bengal, Burma and Bhutan. Technically it was not in the interest of Pakistan, to keep itself attached with East Bengal(Historically one of the most poorest area of subcontinent) .In fact Pakistan after separation saved its future from economic burden of poverty ridden Bangladesh, * Huge Population and scare resources of East Bengal were clear Indicators, that there will be no extraordinary progress in future in that province and no sensible person may think that it was valuable for Pakistan to keep itself attached with most poverty ridden part of this region. * Being a part of East Pakistan, rulers were forcing to West Pakistani citizens to become a market of East Pakistan’s low quality Products, such as Tea, Pans and jute on artificial high prices on the name of Patriotism, while now such type high quality Products may be purchased from other countries on very low prices. * After separation of Bangladesh, it was possible for Pakistan to make its economic policies without having any concern of interests of a far situated part. * Pakistan Economic Managers relieved themselves from the Economic restrictions due to economic interest of East Bengal. That situation was as much harmful, as today Pakistan start to take care of the economic interest of Myanmar or West Bengal; it is certain that such type situation will be disastrous for Pakistan. * With the analysis of economic situation of present day Pakistan and Bangladesh, shows that Pakistan GDP and Foreign currency reserves are double than that of Bangladesh and Electricity production is also 5 times more. It is obvious, that separation was much more in the interest of Pakistan, Because, the only solution of the Disparity between two parts, was to serve the Bangladesh with the resources of West Pakistan. Otherwise there was no other magic solution to address that disparity. * It is still obvious that, there is still no charm in having trade links with countries of South Asia, because it is not in the economic interest of Pakistan, instead of that we should focus on rich and developed areas such as China, Middle East, Far East, Europe and USA. 2. Political Advantages. * Due to extraordinary majority of Bengali Population, it was not possible for any province of West Pakistan to become equivalent to that majority any time in future, and it was certain that representatives of Provinces of West Pakistan will always remain in opposition in assemblies as per modern time democracy principles, this was really a frightening situation and the People of Pakistan were going to be ruled by any ethnocentric Bengali Leader or by any Bengali Military dictator for ever. * Due to Bengali nationalism and ethnocentrism, on the basis of which People of Bangladesh were victimizing the Urdu Speaking Muslim refugees from India and that is still continue, and their Ethnic Cleansing with aborigines people of CHT, were clearly indicating that people of that area were not sincere and aware of the Ideology of Pakistan, in fact attachment of Pakistan with East Bengal was self deception and nothing else. * Due to agitation style and different culture, the politicians of East Pakistan were always blaming Pakistan for their problems and exploitations, while people of Pakistan were worried about deteriorating condition of people of East Pakistan due to poverty and natural disasters, and they were too much fed up with that situation as they were seeing no end of all this, as this thing was also harming the Basic Ideology of Pakistan, and therefore to get rid of this situation and to avoid baseless allegations it was necessary to separate that area(East Bengal) from Pakistan, and this was the main reason that West Pakistani Military Personnel, even having capability for defending that part decided very easily and conveniently to end their any relation with that land on the basis of the facts that they were tired of all those messy affairs. * Due to separation of East Pakistan, Pakistan saved itself and its ideology from baseless criticism of Bengalese Politicians, and now on real grounds they are blaming each other for their problems. * With the separation of Bangladesh, Pakistan Islamic Ideology became more prominent with the introduction of Islamic laws and future scenario of Pakistan became much more firmed with the conversion of population ratio to 98 % Muslims, while with Bangladesh, presence of Huge Hindu minority was having adverse effects on the ideological progress of the country.

3. Security Advantages:

As East Pakistan was situated in the abdomen and inside the body of India and thousand miles away from West Pakistan, India was using this factor for blackmailing and pressurizing Pakistan from the beginning, In fact burden of huge population of East Bengal was loaded on West Pakistan to make Pakistan a crippled and failed state by Indian National Congress. India used that part as a button for keeping under pressure to Pakistan in 1947, in war of 1965 and again in 1970 with policy to occupy large chunk of land in East Pakistan. Due to 1000 miles distance between both parts and that also filled by enemy land, in such worst scenario even maintaining contacts between security forces and their mobility was in fact a difficult, expensive and life taking task, accompanied with wastage of huge resources, ultimately resulting in weakening of Defense forces and economy of the country. By separation of East Bengal, Pakistan was able to get rid of its weak point which was a most easy and favorite target of India. Due to that now Pakistan Defense is more strong and protected as compared to vulnerable and weak position before 1971. 4. Social Advantages: * With the separation of Bengal flow of population from densely populated Bangladesh to parts of West Pakistan stopped, which was a good development for the culture and social set up of West Pakistan. * Due to two national languages, Cultural evolution of the people of West Pakistan was stopped and their local languages were dying, with the separation of Bangladesh, that process was stopped. * After separation of Bangladesh huge jobs opportunities were raised for people of different provinces of West Pakistan in both Federal and Provincial Governments. Due to elimination of share of people of Bengalese in civilian Jobs, which resulted in an increase in participation of local population in the affairs of country, by this their sense of depriving was minimized. * People of Bengal are usually dark skinned, while people of West Pakistan were of Fair Skinned, due to continuous flow of Bengalese from East Bengal was creating racial discomfort and fears in the mind of local populations, that by this they will become minority in their own provinces, specially in the case when Federal Government was encouraging Bengalese to rehabilitate in West Pakistan, By separation of East Bengal this process of migration was also stopped.

This is the reason that after separation of East Pakistan, Mr. Mujibur Rehman was immediately released by President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and he never expressed any regret about creation of Bangladesh.

Similarly once Prersident Zia-ul-Haq commented that freedom fighters of Bangladesh were in fact the freedom fighters of Pakistan, Now Bangladesh is a free country and Pakistan is also a free country.

It is crystal clear from all above mentioned facts that separation from Problematic East Bengal created new life and new freedom in Pakistan. Written By M.Akram Khan Niazi. Karachi,Pakistan

Get Top News That Woes The World

News can be anything that is relevant and interesting to the readers. These days it is important for everyone to be updated with the events that happen around them. Those days are gone when people only had to be aware of the news from their country or state now they have to learn about the world news too. It is extremely necessary for everyone be aware about the latest world news. The world is no more the wide world and is reduced to a global village. This global village consists of all the continents, countries and states in the world. The globalization is responsible for this change and as a result any event in any part of the world may have the power to affect some other place or the whole world. It can be a political decision, a human rights action, the Oscars or any policy by UN. They all have an effect on the audience and so they generally find their place in the top world news section.

It is of great importance to be updated with the happenings all over the world mostly for businessmen and other people in fields where being aware of the news around the world is necessary. This news is also important for fans of sports, actresses, shows and movies from around the world. A person in United States of America can get information about a French movie being shot in France by their favorite director. Websites have also made it possible to watch live matches online. Sports like cricket and football that have a huge fan following have websites specially dedicated to the sport, team or a particular player. It is the same with actors almost all actors have their fan sites where their fans get together and post unseen pictures and news about the star. It is a great way for the fans to connect and with help of the forums they can discuss their doubts and opinions with others. These forums give them a platform to put forwards their views.

All types of media like television, newspapers and internet have special world news segments, columns and pages for dedicated to the latest world news. But the best way to find out or look up the top world news when you are in a hurry is the internet. The internet also has special websites that publish world news. It is more accessible than any other medium.

Entertainment News Attracts The Attention of People

Entertainment has become a very crucial part of each and everyone’s life. It is rapidly developing through the source of internet. Internet is like a bonus for every person who wishes to bond with their friends, listen to music, and play games, share or watch videos and loads of additional activities that are an element of each person’s life. Making use of internet is like a trend and it is increasing at very great speed. It has been observed that while doing the regular everyday routine work on the internet, the cyberspace users along with its subscribers incline towards having an opinion on entertainment news from the leisure and fun world.

At the present, it has become very effortless and straightforward to acquire a way in, to get hold of the latest entertainment news without having to make too many efforts. On the whole this latest entertainment news tells us about the top hot occurrences of the entertainment world. This field of news is flourishing at a rapid rate as people are showing very much interest in entertainment news India. The bollywood news is most likely to consist of the latest gossips and occurrences in the lives of silver screen stars and also the small screen celebrities.

More often than not all the entertainment news India comes from the issues and occurrences that take place on the sets of several sorts of shoots otherwise the stories that come from the usual lives of renowned celebrities as well as stars. The key origins of the bollywood news in India are believed to be the numerous interviews and star profiles along with enthralling images of striking celebrities. Approximately each and every person in particular the young generation tries out to compare their lifestyle to the lifestyle of these celebrities and then they tend to copy specific aspects of them which are better known. If a specific celebrity is considered as an icon for a few people, that person might read many articles about the celeb whenever it appears. This produces the fad for entertainment news which is increasing day by day.

Without doubt, the entertainment news is getting to us at a very quick speed by reason of the internet. There are ample different websites that tend to design themselves to be the sources of the latest entertainment news which helps them gain more popularity. A well liked site comprises of all sorts of news about famous stars.

Approximately each and every person in particular the young generation tries out to
compare their lifestyle to the lifestyle of these celebrities and then they tend to copy
specific aspects of them which are better known. One of the best lifestyles that most
celebrities follow to keep their body and minds healthy. If a specific
celebrity is considered as an icon for a few people, that person might read many
articles about the celeb whenever it appears. This produces the fad for entertainment
news which is increasing day by day.

California Governor Proposes Closure of 220 State Parks to Make up for Budget Shortfall

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposal to close over 200 state parks to public meet predictable criticism.

The Governor said that the state can no longer afford to sustain the parks after noting a budget defect of nearly $26 billion. He is hoping that the closure of the parks would save the state millions of dollar in service costs over the next twelve months. Predictably the public are not taking to this suggestion easily.

This proposal would affect nearly 80 percent of California’s state parks and restrict access to nearly 30 percent of California’s coastlines.

The proposal would affect parks all down the state from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Big Sur beaches down south. Preventing access to giant redwoods and such features as Lake Tahoe.

At least 2,000 jobs would be threatened, affecting park rangers, biologists and lifeguards, who would be laid off due to the Governor’s plans.

But the National Park Service are threatening to seize some locations if Schwarzenegger goes through with the legislation.

Of the areas that the Service have threatened to siege are San Francisco’s Angel Island, which is where Chinese immigrants were barracked, Mount Diablo, Point Sur historical park in Big Sur and three beaches Ford Ort Dunes near Monterrey.

In his warning letter National Park Service director Jonathan Jarvis warns that the state could lose any future park funding.

Speaking on Schwarzenegger’s behalf a representative remarked: “We’re reviewing the letter and state parks director Ruth Coleman is in the process of talking with the National Park Service and Jon Jarvis about these very issues.”They are discussing a variety of outcomes and solutions depending on what final budget package is passed by the Legislature.”

So far the Governor has rejected the democrats proposal for a $15 annual fee for vehicle registration in order to help maintain the parks.

A spokesman for the National Parks Service said that another option is to cut down the park hours rather than cut them off completely. “We want to work with them, and see what they have to offer” he said “because we don’t want to close the parks and I’m sure they don’t want to either”.

Conservationists have been raising concerns about the implications of leaving the parks untended. They suggest it would costs as much to keep people out of the parks, and in future repairs, as it would to keep them open. They also point out that the parks are a great source of revenue for the state and closing them down may impinge on tourist revenue.

With the threat of the closure of Lake Tahoe to the public many people with property being let as Lake Tahoe vacation rentals are also upset by the proposition along with a large number of businesses and hotels relying on tourist money.

A representative of The National Parks Service had this to say, “Each visitor to a state park is worth $57 per visit. The parks have generated millions throughout California. It’s almost as if they are shooting themselves in the foot.”

Advantages of Reading Daily News Headlines

With the advancement in the technology and World Wide Web, a lot of transformation has been experienced by modern world. Almost every sector has been affected by this advancement and no single area has left untouched. One of the major transformations noticed, is in the computer software and Information Technology industry. Through the development of computer and inter-network world has turned into a small yet global village. This sector has brought a lot of changes in the life of the people as well as in the mental state. People used to gather information from internet, make new friends, share their ideas, write reviews and explore many new things. When we focus on online media and news portals, these advancements have influenced the sector in certain ways. People want to keep themselves updated and aware about the happenings all around. In fact, people of a certain age group understand the advantages of reading newspapers and they even find time by any means for reading at least news headlines every day. No matter, whether you are a business person, business owner, government employee, private worker or daily basis employee, reading news papers on a regular basis is very beneficial for you as well your business.

There are numerous agencies that have providing news of the country and the entire world. If you are a student, you will get to know about the quiz competitions, various coaching centers, latest and valuable courses and even about the job vacancies through special weekly and monthly news magazine, sold along with newspapers. If you are into fashion industry or any other related field, newspapers contain latest movie reviews, personal life of your favorite stars and many others. Also, a separate page is added for entertainment section. People into sports field and sports lovers can read about the news on sports all across the globe.

Many Indian newspapers consists India news along with the world news and updates. There are numerous options to get in touch with news headlines without much hassle. Online news media has attained huge recognition as due to the busy working schedule of the people, who do not get time at their home, can read online news anytime and from anywhere. What all you need is the internet connection and in the world of smart phones, it has become quite easy for everyone to stay online all the time. There are whole lots of websites offering new feeds and are capable of holding various news items on their webpage like News magazines, adds, city news, weekly news, latest updates, videos and many more. Therefore, you can keep yourself ahead of others and represent your remarkable identity, by knowing about the latest happening in the world. You can participate in any debate and win, if you are a regular reader. Also, if you want to improve your English, reading English newspaper daily will prove very helpful to you and you can be fluent within few weeks.

Occupy Wall Street Movement Against Financial Inequality Gains Momentum

The majority of the Americans across the nation and the world united in the country’s financial capital to show their anger against the prevailing global system based on poverty, oppression, and violence. The protest is still continuing as their concerns related to addressing the fundamental economic inequalities are still on the cards.

In order to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, people come forward with a slogan “You are the 99 percent, we are the 99 percent.” AS the American government always backed the rich people, rich become wealthy and poor become poorer. This destabilized the whole economic expansion and it throws light into the income inequality and the wealth inequality. According to Congressional Budget Office, America’s top rich people, which will be above 1%, increased their income by more than 250% in the last thirty years, while middle income people’s income grew by above 40%. Thus, 85% of the country’s total wealth is owned by the rich people, while the middle class and the lower class own the rest 15%. In addition to that the financial inequality is more among people when compared to inequality in total wealth.

During the time of recession only people came to know more about the financial instability of the country. According to them the crisis they faced in the recent past was mainly due to government’s inappropriate decisions to help the rich. What is a global economic recession? When a country’s economic activity decline significantly for more than six months and affect its industrial production, employment, imports and exports, real estates and real income, then can say that country is facing an economic crisis. When these unfavorable causes of a country give a negative impact on other countries, then we will call it as global recession. The International Monetary Fund considers any global growth less than 3% as a global recession and some of the major reasons behind this can be a financial crisis, lower demands, tightening of monetary policy or fiscal policy contraction.

Among other reasons for the recession the financial crises is the most severe and the long lasting one, which has the power similar to a tsunami. That means, it will snatch everything belonging to us without any warning and the shocks associated with it will last for a long time. The recent recession we faced emerged from a financial crisis and its long and deep impact is still continuing.

The global financial crisis started to show its effects in the middle of 2007 and this continued to 2008. People saw the falling of world stock markets, collapsing of large financial institutions and the breaking of so many international banks. And the government of each country came up with rescue packages to bail out their financial systems. People know that the financial problems have been created by the bailed out institutions and each negative action of these institutions are affecting the livelihoods of almost everyone in this closely connected world. We know that the problem could have been avoided, if the top people supporting the current economic models were not that much influential and selfish. If they considered others viewpoints and concerns they may not have taken any wrong steps or at least they may have thought about the consequences coming after that. They didn’t care about all these matters and the crisis arose and lasted for a long time by hindering the economic growth of a country by making people unemployed and increased their miseries.

The Occupy Wall Street agitation started in Manhattan’s Financial District in last September and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States. The purpose of this people powered movement is to fight against the corruption and the negative policies of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process. As people believe that Wall Street has a strong role in the recent economic collapse, they started their protest from the roads of Wall Street. As news related to this protest is airing on all television channels connected with service from providers like Verizon FiOS Deals, we will get all information related to this agitation without any delay. The recent demonstration on this regard was near the Sundance Film Festival’s Filmmaker Lodge. The protest was peaceful but the people involved were forceful in their message, “You are the 99 percent, we are the 99 percent.”

Exclusive Interview With Jennifer Ehidiamen Outstanding Nigerian Youth Leader

Slucker: Let’s meet you, Who is Jennifer Ehidiamen, What do you really do?

Jennifer: Thanks for the opportunity. I am a journalist, with keen interest in development journalism. I have flirted with a few other things in the past. But my keen interested really is in development journalism and public communication. I also have a strong passion for youth development. Of course a few people know me as a poet.

I write poems and have two published books-collection of poems- “In days to come” and “preserve my saltiness.” I sometimes describe myself as a midwife (smiles). Not because I help women birth babies. The midwife angle of me is basically helping people innovate- I am never afraid to serve as a sidekick in pioneering and developing an idea and basically helping people build their ideas- especially ones that are in line with what interest me.

Slucker: What is it about making a difference that drives you? Why have you chosen this part ?

Jennifer: I think it is just knowing we all as individuals have a purpose here on earth. God created every man for a purpose. I’m driven by the desire to contribute positively and ensure I affect lives around me positively.

Slucker: Tell us about some of your write-ups and initiatives you have been involved with? Which has left the most indelible mark in your heart?

Jennifer: I write a lot of poems. I also volunteer a lot. I’m currently embracing adulthood and building a career in journalism and communications. My past experiences include volunteering with a youth group in Ebutte-Metta in Lagos, interning at Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS)Lagos, participating in a youth exchange program called Global Xchange which gave me my first exposure in youth work and international development.

Slucker: What hope do you see for the Nigerian youth? How do you intend to effectively keep making a difference?

Jennifer: Nigerian youth of today have a better chance of succeeding compared to the older generation. We are presented with unique opportunities to build our muscles and take initiative to tackle the many challenges our generation is facing. Instead of falling into the trap of blame-game, I would encourage the Nigerian youth to see the many challenges as stepping stones to better things. Take responsibility in being a doer- and be the change you want to see in the world.

Slucker: What are you up to right now? what is next for you?

Jennifer: I’m currently working with Global Press Institute. I’m working with young girls in Ethiopia, training them on development communications.

Slucker: What’s next??

Jennifer: It is a big secret. But trust me, its a good one. God is my biggest source!

Slucker: Thanks for your time dear.

Jennifer: You are most welcome

Hindi News is Available in Different Sources

No matter wherever we are and what we are doing, we always want to have updated news of our several areas. No issue with the sources as they are available in abundance. We can inculcate the habit and tendency to grab the best source of because source matters. There are several factors that are associated with the source that people consider. Compiling the different factors and use them at the right time is the best way to get secured in respect of news sources. Hindi samachar is one of the sections of the world. This section is all about the language selection while other sections are divided on the basis of areas and geographical regions like Delhi news, Gurgaon, Agra , Uttar Pradesh news and others.

Amidst the several factors, we need to ensure that what factors are very essential to consider while selecting the source. The most important factor is speed, relevancy and content factor. Hence we must go with these factors while select the source. Ultimately, of news matters most as it gives the better content to the people. When is get selected thoughtfully, we can move to the next step of the reading and watching such as read the properly with security. The of the provide the to the people hence it is very essential that which you selected. Needless to say that we can have more options to get the however, need to have particular section of news. Availability of the must be clear and accessible so that people can easily avail it. The are web portals, papers and channels that deliver Hindi news. In other words, we have that are portable, easily access, reliable and dependable.

Hindi news selection option is available in all whether we select Hindi news paper, Hindi channels or Hindi web portals. Similarly, people can have regional sections such as Delhi , Gurgaon and other state news. We should never go with the option that cannot provide us multiple options and features like region selection and language selection. These are the compulsory and mandatory features in our current scenario hence we must go with all these features so that we can have the most updated . The more is updated the better we can have from the source.