Modern Concept of Women Liberalization in Islam

Long ago, there was not any modern concept of women liberalization. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAS informed us of the status, value and honor of women. He SAAS taught the real meanings of Islam and the definition of a woman’s role in the society. Rasool Allah SAAS liberated women by giving them equal chance to study, groom and pray in front of Allah Subhan wa Tallah.

Today, when woman are subjugated and dominated in the name of modernism and liberty of woman they have lost their real beauty and essence of existence. They are conflicted and confused. They do not know what to choose. If they follow the traditions, they feel they have sacrificed their soul. If they follow their heart and follow the modern Western concepts, they feel they are destroying the peace of their homes. They are afraid to play the role of mother. They are not happy to run in the rat race blindfolded at all.

Women do not realize how cunningly they have been enslaved. In pursue of their career and trying to harmonize with needs at work and at home have made them tired and devoid of femininity. They are asked to balance between home, kids, relatives and work. How is that possible?

When a machine is made to make coffee how can you expect to produce milk shake in it? You would need to buy a blender or shaker to get a glass of delightful milk shake. Women are made to be loved and give birth to beautiful children. Their anatomy is different and not suitable for many jobs. They are delicate and need pampering but they are pushed towards myriad jobs that are against her nature, anatomy and personality. It can be in the name of liberty or liberalization; it can be in the name of modernization or financial needs. None of us lives in a true Islamic society. All of us live in mixed traditions and combined cultures. The so-called Islamic societies are far away from the real knowledge and implementation of Deen. Without getting acquainted with real knowledge no one can understand Islam and the role of woman in society.

Islam permits woman to educate her and work. It has clearly stated that men are responsible for providing the shelter and food to her. If ever she earns she is not bound to spend her income or salary on the household. She can keep it to herself. She can demand the wages for feeding the baby and for performing any household chores. Only if she wants to let it go then it is her own choice. She has the right to choose her man or her husband. If she likes someone, she can ask her kafeel or father, brother and elders to arrange for the matrimony. Only the direct interaction among men and women is restricted which is again for the protection of women in Islam. No man is allowed to take her rights away that are given to her by Allah Subhana Wa Tallah and Allah’s Apostle SAAS. Any man who takes disadvantage and snatches away the rights of his mother, sister, wife or daughter is subject to answer in the court of Allah SWT. Woman has share in wealth as well as she can contribute in any field of life with her immense wisdom, tolerance, skills and patience. She must keep in her mind the preferences and limitations set by Allah SWT and His Apostle SAAS.