News Is An Excellent Source For Information About The World

Sports News provides up-to-date information regarding all the latest happenings in the world of sports. It can also provide information about how to acquire involved with sports. The tourism news market is always trying to find new approaches to connect to travelers and explore new destinations.

In today’s world, sports are a major form of entertainment. Professional athletes make huge amount of money each year, and possess the possibility to become international superstars. Sports are becoming so popular they may have even permeated the lives of several folks who will be not professional athletes. Many people enjoy watching sports as a form of entertainment, and it’s also additionally a great way to be in shape. Sports News is an excellent source for details about the field of sports. Sports can offer up-to-date information about all the latest happenings on the globe of sports. It can also provide information about how to obtain involved in sports, like what sports can be found, how to purchase a coach, and finding sports equipment. News is a superb source for information regarding the world of sports.

The significance of Sports is one area that’s been overlooked lately. Sports news offers a window into what’s happening on the planet, along with insight into the cultures of numerous countries. It is another great way to live in touch with people far away, as sports news is very popular internationally. Tourism news also supplies a platform for a few important issues being discussed. Tourism is essential since it offers a window into what is happening in the world, as well as understanding of the cultures of different countries. It is another fantastic way to be in touch with people in other countries, as sports news is so popular internationally. News also supplies a platform for many important issues to get discussed.

The tourism news industry is always searching for new approaches to connect with travelers and explore new destinations. Tourism is very important for world because it brings cultural exchange and understanding between people of numerous countries. It also provides jobs and tax revenue for host countries, and generates billions of dollars in revenue for countries all over the world.

Know About Gunma Massage: A Journey Towards Wellness

Gunma massage stands out as a distinctive and holistic approach to wellness. Originating from Japan, this therapy integrates traditional techniques with a modern understanding of the human body, offering a unique path to physical and mental harmony. A 건마 massage concept is based on bodily balance and harmony. 

The Origins and Philosophy of Gunma Massage

Gunma massage, not as well-known as other Japanese massage, has its sources in the rich legacy of Japanese healing arts. It is named after Gunma Prefecture in Japan, which is famous for its natural hot springs and health culture. It emphasises the importance of holistic healing, which addresses an individual’s emotional and spiritual well-being as their physical problems.

Techniques and Practices

Gunma massage incorporates techniques that are planned to stimulate and balance the body’s energy pathways, or meridians. The therapist uses a combination of kneading, tapping, and pressing motions, along with gentle stretching and joint rotations. One of the unique aspects of Gunma massage is its adaptability. Therapists often customise their approach based on the individual’s needs, making each session a personalised experience.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Gunma massage is more than just a physical therapy; it’s a holistic treatment that considers the whole person. Therapists often incorporate elements of aromatherapy, sound therapy, and even dietary advice into their sessions. This comprehensive approach ensures that the benefits of the massage extend beyond the physical, nurturing the individual’s overall health and well-being.

Benefits of Gunma Massage

The benefits of Gunma massage are manifold. It’s particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain conditions, as the therapy can help in managing pain and improving range of motion. From a mental and emotional standpoint, 건마 massage is profoundly relaxing, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. The gentle, rhythmic motions coupled with mindful breathing techniques encourage deep relaxation, allowing the mind to calm and rejuvenate.

Preparing for a Gunma Massage Session

To get the Gunma massage, it’s essential to prepare adequately. It includes being well-hydrated, wearing comfortable clothing, and arriving. It’s also crucial to communicate openly with your therapist about any health concerns or areas of discomfort.

Aftercare and Continued Wellness

Post-massage, taking the time to relax and hydrate is critical. The effects of the massage continue to work through the body long after the session has ended. Many therapists also provide guidance on exercises or practices that are done at home to extend the benefits of the massage.

Finding a Qualified Gunma Therapist

Finding a therapist skilled in Gunma massage can be a journey in itself. Look for practitioners who are trained in the technique but who embody the philosophy of holistic wellness. Credentials and experience are essential, but so is finding a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and at ease.


Gunma massage offers a unique and enriching path toward wellness, blending ancient traditions with contemporary understanding. It’s a journey that encompasses the whole being – body, mind, and spirit – leading to balanced health and profound relaxation. Whether seeking relief from physical discomfort or mental stress or simply looking to maintain good health, Gunma massage provides a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience, guiding you toward a harmonious state of well-being.

The Importance of Reliable Telecommunications Infrastructure in Modern Business:


Introduction: The Backbone of Today’s Business World

In an era where digital connectivity is not just a convenience but a necessity, the role of telecommunications infrastructure electrician in shaping the modern business landscape cannot be overstated. From small startups to multinational corporations, the reliance on robust and efficient telecommunications systems is universal, underscoring its role as a critical asset in the business world. This infrastructure is the invisible force that keeps businesses connected, driving everything from basic communication to complex, data-driven operations.

The evolution of telecommunications has mirrored the evolution of business itself. As companies have grown more global and markets more interconnected, the demand for faster, more reliable communication has skyrocketed. This need has propelled advancements in telecommunications technology, leading to a world where instant communication across continents is not just possible, but expected. In this context, reliable telecommunications infrastructure is not just a tool for business; it’s a fundamental pillar that supports the entire edifice of modern commerce.

Enhancing Connectivity and Collaboration

The advent of globalized business has made connectivity and collaboration more crucial than ever. Reliable telecommunications infrastructure enables businesses to maintain seamless communication channels, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Tools like video conferencing, VoIP calls, and collaborative online platforms rely on a strong telecommunications backbone, facilitating real-time collaboration and decision-making processes that are vital in today’s fast-paced business environment. This connectivity is not just about staying in touch; it’s about fostering a collaborative culture that can thrive in a digital workspace.

Moreover, in the era of remote work and distributed teams, telecommunications infrastructure becomes the lifeline that binds employees together. It allows for a flexible work environment, where team members can contribute from anywhere in the world. This flexibility not only enhances work-life balance but also opens up a global talent pool for businesses. Companies that invest in reliable telecommunications infrastructure are investing in a more dynamic, diverse, and resilient workforce.

Driving Business Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency and productivity are the lifelines of any successful business, and telecommunications infrastructure plays a pivotal role in both. High-speed internet and advanced communication tools enable quick data transfer, cloud computing, and access to remote servers, streamlining business operations. This infrastructure supports everything from everyday email communications to complex data analytics, ensuring that businesses can operate at their peak efficiency. In a world where time is money, the speed and reliability of these systems can make or break a business’s bottom line.

Beyond speed, telecommunications infrastructure also offers businesses the ability to scale and adapt with agility. As businesses grow, their communication needs become more complex, requiring more sophisticated and robust solutions. A scalable telecommunications infrastructure allows businesses to expand their operations seamlessly, without being hampered by technological limitations. This scalability is not just about growing bigger; it’s about growing smarter, with the right tools to support that growth.

Supporting E-Commerce and Digital Transactions

In the digital age, e-commerce has become a significant part of the global economy. Reliable telecommunications infrastructure is critical for the smooth operation of e-commerce platforms, from hosting websites to handling online transactions securely. It ensures that businesses can provide uninterrupted service to customers, manage inventory in real-time, and process transactions swiftly, which is essential for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. In this context, telecommunications infrastructure is not just a support system; it’s the very platform on which e-commerce businesses are built.

The importance of this infrastructure extends to the security and integrity of online transactions. As e-commerce grows, so does the threat of cyber attacks and data breaches. A robust telecommunications infrastructure must include strong cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive customer data and financial transactions. This level of security is crucial not only for safeguarding against external threats but also for building and maintaining the trust of customers who are increasingly concerned about their online privacy and security.

Overcoming Challenges: Ensuring Reliability and Security

Despite its importance, maintaining reliable and secure telecommunications infrastructure comes with its set of challenges. Cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and system downtimes are real concerns that businesses must address. Investing in advanced security protocols, regular system updates, and backup solutions are crucial steps in ensuring that the telecommunications infrastructure is not only reliable but also secure against potential threats. This investment is not just a matter of protecting assets; it’s about safeguarding the business’s reputation and its customers’ trust.

Furthermore, the challenge of keeping up with rapidly evolving technology cannot be understated. The telecommunications landscape is constantly changing, with new technologies and standards emerging regularly. Businesses must stay abreast of these changes and be willing to invest in upgrades and innovations. This continuous adaptation is essential not just for maintaining current operations but also for seizing new opportunities that come with technological advancements. Staying ahead in the telecommunications game is a key factor in staying ahead in business.

Conclusion: Investing in Future-Ready Telecommunications Infrastructure

As we move further into the digital era, the importance of investing in robust and future-ready telecommunications infrastructure cannot be overstated. Businesses must stay ahead of technological advancements to remain competitive and adaptable. By prioritizing the development and maintenance of their telecommunications infrastructure, businesses can ensure they are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the modern digital economy and capitalize on its opportunities. This investment is not just about keeping pace with today’s demands; it’s about setting the stage for tomorrow’s successes.

Why Are Minecraft Servers Such An Important Part Of The Game?

Nowadays, with the progressing technology, there are new forms of entertainment arising. This also includes video games. Video games are highly popular with them showing a high and linear progressive and popularity rate. However, human beings are very feeble when it comes to keeping themselves dedicated to a particular task. This causes them to easily become bored with the ‘have had enough of it’ effect always clearly visible. This is also why video games have a ‘trend’ where many games just come and go with the audience (here, gamers) having played it to a point where there is no continuous progress ― seemingly a dead end. 

Consequently, the monotonous games, which have a slow progress rate, eye catching, and keep the paces equally distributed, are proven to have a longer chance of surviving the trend. If not that, there are many times that even if the audience hit a burnout point, they are likely to return after a break period. Another beneficial factor that goes unnoticed is the fact that people also need interaction via games. This means that if the game has a feature where it allows a group to play together, it becomes highly loved and famous. With all these factors included there are a few games that have untied the human population in an unknowing yet vigorous way. One of these games includes Minecraft. 

Insight On Minecraft:

Minecraft is noted for its themes, features, and levels of difficulty. It provides something for everyone and is appropriate for all ages. A big number of players are drawn to the game because of the player adaptability. For many, it has become one of their favourite pastime destinations. It also aids relaxation while avoiding the monotony of a rinse and repeat routine. The video game’s inherent nature, continuous feature updates, and large player base all contribute to its rising appeal. Minecraft is quite well for the almost limitless possibilities, which embraces diversity while also supporting the different forms of creativity. In Minecraft, each game mode offers its unique set of creative potential. It can be enjoyed individually, with a companion, or with a huge group of players, which is where Minecraft servers become important.

More About Minecraft Servers:

Minecraft servers are a social gaming platform that gives people a chance to enjoy the video game Minecraft together. A single individual, a squad, as well as an entire company, can accede to it. Minecraft servers are willing to accommodate gamers to perform with others online or over a general network of areas. Server administrators are in charge of Minecraft community servers because they have the authority to serve protocols like changing the time of gameplay, cloaking players, and changing the world origin. It further brings a small community up close and together, while binding them through a virtual platform. 

Today, there are many Minecraft servers available in the game and you can join any of them if you are willing to comply with the set of rules provided by them!

Affectionate Cat Breeds that Want to Cuddle

A cat lying on a blanket

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Some kitties want to cuddle with you and show you their affectionate sides. The most common argument of dog enthusiasts is that their felines are not caring enough, but this is not true at all. Some pet cats definitely care about their owners, and they frequently “communicate” with them and do some social interactions when they are in the mood.

Affection is one of the more common traits of felines that are friendly and social. They won’t wound up anxious when faced with a crowd, and they are usually docile in nature. They can communicate through vocalizations like murmuring, purring, meowing, and trilling. They will let their pet parents know whether they are in a playful and content mood. These empathic kittens may see whether you’re having a bad day, and they will usually snuggle with you to help you unwind and release endorphins.

If you want a more affectionate breed, the good news is that there are plenty of them to choose from. You can visit holistapet to know more about others that may interest you and the whole family. Some of the affectionate of them out there are the following:


Ragdolls are naturally affectionate companions, and they are ideal for people who are looking for low-maintenance pets. They can follow you from one room to another, play fetch with you, and even greet you at the door. They are very friendly with other pets and children, and they definitely belong inside the house with the family.

Scottish Folds

These are the breeds that are popular because of their cute ears. During their breeding, a random mutation happened, and they emerged naturally. These were able to develop a gene that caused their ears to fold in a more forward manner. 

Many enthusiasts began breeding them because of their unique look and specific folds. However, their ears are not just the features that are special to them. The cats can show their affectionate side and may surprise you with their cuddly nature. Know that they don’t generally like being left alone for an extended period of time, and they are ideal if you’re working from home. If you have extra time to spare for playing with them and setting out puzzles, then you can be a match made in heaven.


The sphynx is notorious for being hairless. They are often cold, and they need to stay indoors. They need a heat source so they can always feel comfortable. Since humans are always a heat source, it’s no surprise that the sphynx loves to be around them.

This is a synergistic relationship where their human companions will release calming hormones because of cuddles. Other owners say that living with sphynxes is similar to breathing and living in a hot water bottle. They will go under the covers at night, and they will always be on your laps during the day.

Maine Coons

Maine coons are popular, and they are almost always on the list of the affectionate cats in the world. They have a mysterious history that many thinks date back to the Vikings and their explorations. Many believe that the kitties are a mix between a raccoon and a cat, but this is impossible in a biological sense.

They are sociable, and they love all people of all ages. They wanted to be often involved in family gatherings, and they could sit on the couch or table if others were eating their breakfasts or dinner. Aside from their friendly behavior and quiet personality, they are also excellent hunters and are highly intelligent.


cat, pets, persian chinchilla, domestic cat, domestic, domestic animals, one animal, mammal, feline, portrait

The Persians are one of the more popular breeds found in the USA and Canada. They have long, beautiful, and flowy coats coupled with a friendly and calm disposition. Know that they only have moderate energies and are not inclined to play frisbees. They are very happy just lounging on the windows and couch to watch the birds. Sometimes, they are more content when their ears get scratched with a gentle hand from their favorite human companions. More about Persians on this page here.


If you suddenly decided to bring a Siamese into your life, you should be prepared for their purring and vocals. They will attract your attention through lengthy discussions, and they prefer when other family members and pets are around them all the time. They have an exceptional social skill that others can’t rival.

They have striking eyes that are pale blue in color. Their looks are often described as masked, and throughout much of history, they have made their marks by being friendly and sweet to their owners. They are trendy in many households across the world.

Bombay Cats

The breed can be considered relatively rare in North American countries, but it still managed to get a dedicated following. For one, many owners love the fact that Bombay cats are people-oriented and loving. Their copper eyes and sleek black coats make them unique and outstanding, among others. Once you get a taste of their cleverness and cuteness, you’ll be hooked for life. Learn more about identifying different breeds here:  


Many breeders mixed the Burmese and Siamese, and this resulted in Tonkinese. They are less vocal than the Siamese but are intelligent in nature. They are known to be calm and loving to their owners, and they rarely get scolded. They are active, friendly, and attention-seeking, so be prepared to spend a lot of time playing and cuddling with them. They have a lifespan of up to 14 years.

How to Use CBD Capsules

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The lifespan or time of every human presents them with various opportunities in which they have to make decisions based on their choices or preferences. And people will always choose what they most prefer.

The fact however, that there are options is part of the variety of life. And even where there seems to be no options, options can still be created over time. Even as it concerns your health, you do have certain options on the treatment you take. And for those who choose CBD, there is also the capsule form that you can take but first let’s look at the following:

What is CBD?

This is one of the elements that make up the cannabis sativa plant also known as marijuana that has been found to have various health benefits. Its full name is cannabidiol and unlike the other major element of the cannabis plant known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short, it is not psycho active (meaning that you wouldn’t get high from consuming it). You can read more about it here.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD

There are health benefits of cannabidiol in the human body. This is so because there are endocannabinoid receptors in the human body which interact well with CBD when it is ingested by an individual in particular and all mammals in general. This is the primary reason for its various health benefits in the body. Some of the health benefits include:

It Is Anti-Seizure

Research so far has shown that cannabidiol is able to quell seizure in people however, the extent to which it is able to do this is not yet fully ascertained. Thus, it can be recommended for people with epileptic conditions for relief from the seizure attacks.

Anxiety Relief

People with anxiety challenges or conditions (especially those suffering from panic attacks) can take CBD for relief from the condition. This is because, it is able to positively affect how your brain responds to serotonin which is the chemical in your body that is linked to mental health. It is even recommended for those with PTSD as it has proven helpful to them.

It Protects the Brain

The medical word for this function is neuroprotection. Some people suffer from neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease which can take a huge toll on the individual and on loved ones. However, cannabidiol is neuroprotective and will prevent further deterioration of an individual’s brain functions and prevent the condition from developing in people who are susceptible to it. 

Pain Relief

Again, this is due to CBD’s ability to interact with the receptors in the brain, this helps the body to bear pain. The pain here is not just headaches and all but includes those undergoing chemotherapy, spinal cord injuries and chronic pain. Many people who have used it prefer it to analgesic as they believe it to be more effective.

Cancer Treatment

Studies have shown that cannabidiol prevents the growth of tumors including cancerous tumors in the body. These studies have not yet been able to categorically state why this is possible but all studies show that indeed it does prevent cancerous growth. This does not mean that it is a cure in itself rather, it is more of a preventive measure.   

It is Anti-Acne

Many people have skin care issues (acne primarily) for which they apply many skin care ointments and medications. CBD helps prevent the over activity of the sebaceous glands that produce sebum on the skin because too much of it is the primary cause of acne. However, it is important that you also consult your skin care specialist before going ahead with this option especially if you have a severe condition. You can read more on the benefits of cannabidiol at .

What Are CBD Capsules?

Can I Open a CBD Capsule and Use That Oil Sublingually? - South Florida  Reporter

Well, simply put, they are full spectrum CBD packaged in the form of a pill just as you have other drugs or medications in pill forms. An additive is added to it to make dosage calculations possible while coconut powder is also part of its make up as it helps to boost its absorption in the body and also improves its effectiveness generally.

As can be deduced from the above, it is made up totally of vegan ingredients and are full spectrum organic. It is also not made with any animal gelatin, its dosing is easy and there is no after taste after its ingestion.

How Do These Pills Work?

The first thing to know is that they work very well. The basic and only difference is in the manner the body absorbs it which is different from how CBD creams or vapes are absorbed. For absorption to start, the pill has to have been ingested into your stomach from where it goes to your liver then to your blood stream and then to the endocannabinoid receptors in your body.

Another point to note is that there is no best or better form of cannabidiol whether it be pills, oil, cream or vapes, it is all a matter of choice and preference. The only difference in these products is in how the body absorbs it.

Finally, a question one might ask is; can you break open cbd capsules to ingest its content? And the answer to this is yes you can, if you would want your body to absorb it sublingually. However, these capsules are designed to be ingested through the digestive tract and would not be as effective as it should be if ingested otherwise.


As earlier stated, people will always be left with choices that they have to make themselves. Sometimes however, these choices have consequences.

But with CBD products, there is no wrong choice, just personal preferences. And any choice you make in this instance, will still work for your good.

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse killed in attack at home

Unidentified gunmen stormed the property at 01:00 local time (05:00 GMT), interim PM Claude Joseph said.

He has called for calm and declared a state of emergency nationwide.

Mr Moïse had led Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the world, since 2017 but had faced widespread protests demanding his resignation.

The nation’s recent history has been plagued by coups, political instability and widespread gang violence.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted that he was “saddened at the death of Mr Moïse”, calling it “an abhorrent act” and appealing for calm. US President Joe Biden offered condolences to the people of Haiti for the “horrific assassination”.

First Lady Martine Moïse later reportedly arrived by plane in Fort Lauderdale, south Florida, for treatment. There is no official word on her condition.

Who will take control?

Mr Joseph called the shooting of the president a “heinous, inhuman and barbaric act”, saying the attackers were “foreigners who spoke English and Spanish”. Haiti’s official languages are Creole and French.

Some reports spoke of men dressed in black carrying high-powered weapons who may have pretended to be part of a US drug enforcement operation, although no official details have been given.

Haiti’s ambassador to the US, Bocchit Edmond, said there was “no way” US drugs agents carried out the attack. He believed it was the work of “professional mercenaries”.

Addressing the nation, Mr Joseph vowed the killers would be brought to justice and said the security situation was “under control”.

The state of emergency, or “state of siege”, allows for the banning of gatherings and use of the military for police roles, along with other extensions of executive powers.

Mr Joseph said that “all measures have been taken to ensure continuity” and that “democracy and the republic will win”.

But questions remain about how much control Mr Joseph can assert.

Haiti’s constitution says ministers, under the leadership of the prime minister, take control in the event of presidential vacancy until elections can be called.

But that also remains unclear, as a new prime minister, Ariel Henry, was named by Mr Moïse just this week but has yet to be sworn in.

The US later said it believed elections should go ahead this year, to bring about a peaceful transfer of power.

The US has been Haiti’s biggest donor for 50 years but has had a fractious relationship with some of its rulers and has carried out a number of blockades and interventions.

The country has also had strong counter-narcotics ties with Haiti to try to prevent South American drugs being shipped through the nation and on to the US.

The streets of Port-au-Prince appeared to be mostly calm on Wednesday.

One resident, Pascale Solages, told the BBC: “We are on our cell phones, our radio, our television, waiting for what happens next… everyone is scared.”

The neighbouring Dominican Republic ordered the “immediate closure” of its border with Haiti.

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Modern Concept of Women Liberalization in Islam

Long ago, there was not any modern concept of women liberalization. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAS informed us of the status, value and honor of women. He SAAS taught the real meanings of Islam and the definition of a woman’s role in the society. Rasool Allah SAAS liberated women by giving them equal chance to study, groom and pray in front of Allah Subhan wa Tallah.

Today, when woman are subjugated and dominated in the name of modernism and liberty of woman they have lost their real beauty and essence of existence. They are conflicted and confused. They do not know what to choose. If they follow the traditions, they feel they have sacrificed their soul. If they follow their heart and follow the modern Western concepts, they feel they are destroying the peace of their homes. They are afraid to play the role of mother. They are not happy to run in the rat race blindfolded at all.

Women do not realize how cunningly they have been enslaved. In pursue of their career and trying to harmonize with needs at work and at home have made them tired and devoid of femininity. They are asked to balance between home, kids, relatives and work. How is that possible?

When a machine is made to make coffee how can you expect to produce milk shake in it? You would need to buy a blender or shaker to get a glass of delightful milk shake. Women are made to be loved and give birth to beautiful children. Their anatomy is different and not suitable for many jobs. They are delicate and need pampering but they are pushed towards myriad jobs that are against her nature, anatomy and personality. It can be in the name of liberty or liberalization; it can be in the name of modernization or financial needs. None of us lives in a true Islamic society. All of us live in mixed traditions and combined cultures. The so-called Islamic societies are far away from the real knowledge and implementation of Deen. Without getting acquainted with real knowledge no one can understand Islam and the role of woman in society.

Islam permits woman to educate her and work. It has clearly stated that men are responsible for providing the shelter and food to her. If ever she earns she is not bound to spend her income or salary on the household. She can keep it to herself. She can demand the wages for feeding the baby and for performing any household chores. Only if she wants to let it go then it is her own choice. She has the right to choose her man or her husband. If she likes someone, she can ask her kafeel or father, brother and elders to arrange for the matrimony. Only the direct interaction among men and women is restricted which is again for the protection of women in Islam. No man is allowed to take her rights away that are given to her by Allah Subhana Wa Tallah and Allah’s Apostle SAAS. Any man who takes disadvantage and snatches away the rights of his mother, sister, wife or daughter is subject to answer in the court of Allah SWT. Woman has share in wealth as well as she can contribute in any field of life with her immense wisdom, tolerance, skills and patience. She must keep in her mind the preferences and limitations set by Allah SWT and His Apostle SAAS.

Key Announcements For Employers From The Budget For 2012

The Chancellor announced his budget for 2012 yesterday, the aim being to “reward work and support growth”. Key announcements for employers included:

Whilst the increase to the personal allowance and the rethink on child benefit can only encourage and motivate employees, some disappointment has been expressed by business groups that the Budget did not go further to relieve further the regulatory employment law burden. It may be that in fact the concern is more rightly leveled at the lack of acceleration in employment law reform. Whilst a small number of changes will come into force on 6 April, the most significant being the increase in the qualifying period of service for unfair dismissal claims from 1 year to 2 years, there are a number of potential changes in the pipeline – many of which may still be some time off being introduced, including the Government’s call for evidence on dismissal processes, including consideration of introducing compensated no fault dismissal for micro-businesses. However, this call for evidence does not close until June and will then be followed by a review and potentially consultation on any legislative changes.

Advantages of Creation of Bangladesh to Pakistan.

Advantages of Creation of Bangladesh to Pakistan.

M.Akram Khan Niazi, Pakistan

Usually smaller Parts of a country having extraordinary resources tries to break away from the mainland to take the maximum advantage of their resources for their advantage, and to protect themselves from the drain of their resources to majority or dominant section of the country, but in case of Pakistan Majority Part on the basis of population, which was also having scare resources, separated from the other part, Generally, it is regarded as an unfortunate event for Pakistan by people of Pakistan, and no Pakistani tries to see other side of the coin of that event for analysis of the benefits achieved to them by this event. The reason of this is that all literature about that event has been written by those who were living in East Pakistan and they suffered personally by this event, due to which they always indicate their miseries and losses and forget to explain the advantages of that event to whole Pakistani Nation. Therefore, it is necessary to see the real results of this event. With the separation of East Pakistan, following advantages were achieved to Pakistan. 1. Economical * Separation of Bangladesh was as much beneficial for Pakistan as separation of Pakistan from India. * As the part of world in which East Pakistan was situated, was having limited resources, and many poor areas of subcontinent are situated in that part, such as Bihar , Assam ,West Bengal, Burma and Bhutan. Technically it was not in the interest of Pakistan, to keep itself attached with East Bengal(Historically one of the most poorest area of subcontinent) .In fact Pakistan after separation saved its future from economic burden of poverty ridden Bangladesh, * Huge Population and scare resources of East Bengal were clear Indicators, that there will be no extraordinary progress in future in that province and no sensible person may think that it was valuable for Pakistan to keep itself attached with most poverty ridden part of this region. * Being a part of East Pakistan, rulers were forcing to West Pakistani citizens to become a market of East Pakistan’s low quality Products, such as Tea, Pans and jute on artificial high prices on the name of Patriotism, while now such type high quality Products may be purchased from other countries on very low prices. * After separation of Bangladesh, it was possible for Pakistan to make its economic policies without having any concern of interests of a far situated part. * Pakistan Economic Managers relieved themselves from the Economic restrictions due to economic interest of East Bengal. That situation was as much harmful, as today Pakistan start to take care of the economic interest of Myanmar or West Bengal; it is certain that such type situation will be disastrous for Pakistan. * With the analysis of economic situation of present day Pakistan and Bangladesh, shows that Pakistan GDP and Foreign currency reserves are double than that of Bangladesh and Electricity production is also 5 times more. It is obvious, that separation was much more in the interest of Pakistan, Because, the only solution of the Disparity between two parts, was to serve the Bangladesh with the resources of West Pakistan. Otherwise there was no other magic solution to address that disparity. * It is still obvious that, there is still no charm in having trade links with countries of South Asia, because it is not in the economic interest of Pakistan, instead of that we should focus on rich and developed areas such as China, Middle East, Far East, Europe and USA. 2. Political Advantages. * Due to extraordinary majority of Bengali Population, it was not possible for any province of West Pakistan to become equivalent to that majority any time in future, and it was certain that representatives of Provinces of West Pakistan will always remain in opposition in assemblies as per modern time democracy principles, this was really a frightening situation and the People of Pakistan were going to be ruled by any ethnocentric Bengali Leader or by any Bengali Military dictator for ever. * Due to Bengali nationalism and ethnocentrism, on the basis of which People of Bangladesh were victimizing the Urdu Speaking Muslim refugees from India and that is still continue, and their Ethnic Cleansing with aborigines people of CHT, were clearly indicating that people of that area were not sincere and aware of the Ideology of Pakistan, in fact attachment of Pakistan with East Bengal was self deception and nothing else. * Due to agitation style and different culture, the politicians of East Pakistan were always blaming Pakistan for their problems and exploitations, while people of Pakistan were worried about deteriorating condition of people of East Pakistan due to poverty and natural disasters, and they were too much fed up with that situation as they were seeing no end of all this, as this thing was also harming the Basic Ideology of Pakistan, and therefore to get rid of this situation and to avoid baseless allegations it was necessary to separate that area(East Bengal) from Pakistan, and this was the main reason that West Pakistani Military Personnel, even having capability for defending that part decided very easily and conveniently to end their any relation with that land on the basis of the facts that they were tired of all those messy affairs. * Due to separation of East Pakistan, Pakistan saved itself and its ideology from baseless criticism of Bengalese Politicians, and now on real grounds they are blaming each other for their problems. * With the separation of Bangladesh, Pakistan Islamic Ideology became more prominent with the introduction of Islamic laws and future scenario of Pakistan became much more firmed with the conversion of population ratio to 98 % Muslims, while with Bangladesh, presence of Huge Hindu minority was having adverse effects on the ideological progress of the country.

3. Security Advantages:

As East Pakistan was situated in the abdomen and inside the body of India and thousand miles away from West Pakistan, India was using this factor for blackmailing and pressurizing Pakistan from the beginning, In fact burden of huge population of East Bengal was loaded on West Pakistan to make Pakistan a crippled and failed state by Indian National Congress. India used that part as a button for keeping under pressure to Pakistan in 1947, in war of 1965 and again in 1970 with policy to occupy large chunk of land in East Pakistan. Due to 1000 miles distance between both parts and that also filled by enemy land, in such worst scenario even maintaining contacts between security forces and their mobility was in fact a difficult, expensive and life taking task, accompanied with wastage of huge resources, ultimately resulting in weakening of Defense forces and economy of the country. By separation of East Bengal, Pakistan was able to get rid of its weak point which was a most easy and favorite target of India. Due to that now Pakistan Defense is more strong and protected as compared to vulnerable and weak position before 1971. 4. Social Advantages: * With the separation of Bengal flow of population from densely populated Bangladesh to parts of West Pakistan stopped, which was a good development for the culture and social set up of West Pakistan. * Due to two national languages, Cultural evolution of the people of West Pakistan was stopped and their local languages were dying, with the separation of Bangladesh, that process was stopped. * After separation of Bangladesh huge jobs opportunities were raised for people of different provinces of West Pakistan in both Federal and Provincial Governments. Due to elimination of share of people of Bengalese in civilian Jobs, which resulted in an increase in participation of local population in the affairs of country, by this their sense of depriving was minimized. * People of Bengal are usually dark skinned, while people of West Pakistan were of Fair Skinned, due to continuous flow of Bengalese from East Bengal was creating racial discomfort and fears in the mind of local populations, that by this they will become minority in their own provinces, specially in the case when Federal Government was encouraging Bengalese to rehabilitate in West Pakistan, By separation of East Bengal this process of migration was also stopped.

This is the reason that after separation of East Pakistan, Mr. Mujibur Rehman was immediately released by President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and he never expressed any regret about creation of Bangladesh.

Similarly once Prersident Zia-ul-Haq commented that freedom fighters of Bangladesh were in fact the freedom fighters of Pakistan, Now Bangladesh is a free country and Pakistan is also a free country.

It is crystal clear from all above mentioned facts that separation from Problematic East Bengal created new life and new freedom in Pakistan. Written By M.Akram Khan Niazi. Karachi,Pakistan